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Pakistan Digital Forum 2017 moit pta hec hec hec


Pakistan is at the crossroads of a digital revolution that has the potential to redefine the social, economic, technological and communication landscape of the country. Technology adoption, internet usage, innovative ICT solutions and e-services are moving ahead rapidly. Banking, advertising, social interactions, consumer markets and shopping are all being changed in Pakistan’s new digital backdrop. Being the 6th most populous nation in the world, digital technologies hold great promise to drive forward the socioeconomic development in the country. In order to capitalize of this humungous potential, it is imperative that the stakeholders of ICT revolution in the country engage into a stakeholder dialogue that leads to concrete actions and initiatives.


Pakistan Digital Forum aims to bring together the Policy maker, regulator, telecom operators, regional experts, researchers and thinkers on a common platform to deliberate on the policy issues around Pakistan’s current and future digital landscape. The Forum will trigger dialog on a collaborative approach that supports the technology use for future development and citizen-centric services. A forum conclusion report will be prepared containing key inputs and dialogues captured during the conference and these will be synthesized and presented as a way-forward document after the conference.

  • One or more working groups may emerge from the discussions, organized around issues e.g. Internet for sustainable development, innovation and collaboration.
  • Specific follow-up engagements with government and industry present at the conference.
  • Way-forward document